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What is choices?


Coachmatch is the world’s largest and fastest-growing coaching company with over 200 coaches worldwide. Our coaches choose us, and we choose them, because of the values we share as well as top quality skills.

Our values are the success and happiness of everyone we serve. Choices is how we help you achieve that when it’s time for you to find a new role or change career direction.


At the heart of Choices is your relationship with your coach.

The result of good coaching is learning, growth and transformation. Coaching is help that lasts.

Of course Choices will also help you to be effective in the labour market, whether it is how to present yourself and your career story, to find growing companies which match your requirements, to access the executive search industry, or to 'go portfolio'.


Lots of things about Choices are different. For example, do you want to work with a coach of your own, not part of Coachmatch, who already understands you? We designed Choices to make that possible. Why not? – it's about your success and happiness.

Creating Choices took us two years, drawing on a group of vanguard coaches with over three hundred years' experience going beyond coaching into talent management, psychology, executive search and board-level leadership.

The result isn't a product or a process. It is a community of help. Choices connects you to people in the business of help who have worked across thousands of organisations, industries and countries.


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